It is very important to stay informed about employees and/or loved ones. Sometimes a person may disappear and persons close to them may be concerned as to what may have happened.

Incarcerated persons are not always able to use a phone. Cell phones are not allowed in county lock ups and the one phone call the person makes cannot be to everyone who shares concern for the incarcerated.

With the advent of the electronic age, computers and the internet have made it much easier to determine if a loved one or employee has been arrested and is being held.

Many jurisdictions now allow a search online to find who is in the jail or to research other publicly available records. In Florida there are several counties and jurisdictions that have established a database to search for public records, including records of arrest.

One such county that offers on line assistance is Pasco County. A Pasco county arrest inquiry can be done online quickly. There are several sites available to assist in the search for a loved one who may be in jail or has been arrested.

The county maintains a public database of online records that can be researched. These include arrest records, inmates held in jail, and other records concerning deaths and marriages. Most of the sites which allow access to public records will require a payment in order to provide the information.

Although the records are stored on a county or state database the searches are actually conducted by another company that will expedite the search and provide instant results.

The national services that provide information via public record searches will look in the state or county requested and comb all databases for information regarding that person. This will include recent arrests and warrants that have been issued.

A Pasco County arrest inquiry may include all outstanding warrants for the state of Florida as well. Any public criminal record pertaining to the name searched can be included. The breadth of the search can be established at the beginning of the search.

In addition to the pay sites, there is a public database that can be researched through the Sheriff’s website. This will provide information regarding persons currently incarcerated at the detention center, recent arrests and past warrants and arrests.

Although this is provided by the county sheriff, the information should not be used to determine if a personal has an actual criminal record as it is only a listing or arrests and detentions, not necessarily convictions by a court.

When a person or company is seeking true, up to date information on a Pasco county arrest inquiry and wants more than confirmation of an arrest the best available information will be provided by an online source with the ability to search all records and provide a full report.

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